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Administration servers and PCs

Taking Control-How-to-Become-A-Server-Administrator

IT&C infrastructure management aims to ensure that all ehipamentele assets (servers, PCs, network equipment) or passive (cabling, networking) to function at optimum parameters. In this way the software running applications based on this infrastructure can be operated effectively.

Vendors: IBM, Supermicro servers.

  • In most computer networks identifies several common objectives such as: administering servers and domain infrastructure through centralized policy administration of workstations, updating their centralized management of a security software (antivirus, firewall, antispam) "enterprise", managing and securing access to Internet and email services.

    For managing and monitoring network/server, periodically connects Sistec specialists at the networks. Connections between the network management stations and the internal customer is performed in conditions of maximum security: VPN server on the LAN, and the pc or laptop that connects over the Internet connection is authenticate each other using a PKI infrastructure and digital certificates and L2TP/IPSec traffic between these two points is achieved encrypted and cannot be decrypted or modified.

    The same conditions are also available if the client's employees or its other subsidiaries to which there isn't a dedicated VPN connections require the remote access to the internal network.

  • Advantages of contract administration are:

    • confidentiality of data and information
    • for solving incidents/requests with a maximum of 2 h
    • telephone or email assistance 24 x 7
    • onsite intervention in case of necessity
    • hardware and software consultancy
    • monitoring network services/equipment (router/server) 24 × 7
    • maintain equipment in a State of permanent dustbin
    • ensuring data integrity through the design and maintenance of backup system
    • redundant solutions insurance

    • install any Windows/Linux distribution on demand
    • installation/configuration WEB server (Apache) with PHP and mySQL
    • installation/setup mail server (Postfix, Mailadmin etc.)
    • installation/configuration files, server FTP, FTPAdmin
    • Installation/Setup proxy server SQUID
    • Voice server installation/configuration-VoiP Gateway
    • DNS server installation/configuration, DNSAdmin
    • Install/configure firewall, antivirus, antispam
    • the NAT router installation/configuration
    • installation/configuration file server SAMBA
    • installation/configuration VPN server