Audio-video systems

communications and conference rooms

Sistec provides solutions to integrate audio-video for meeting rooms, Conference, course, licensing, boardroom. Also covered are the needs of optimum scope of e-learning, digital signage, being performed including works such as interior design and furnishings design and finishing, electrical, furniture.

  • Conference halls

    Dedicated conferences halls must have embedded special audio-video systems, designed to ensure comfort, a good sound system and visualization for the participants. 

    These include:

    • Videoproiecţie systems
    • Audioconferinţă systems
    • Mailing systems

    • Simultaneous translation systems
    • Interactive presentation systems
    • Digital display systems

    • Public address systems
    • Lighting systems
    • Control lights

    • Control and automation systems


  • Monitoring licensing & Control

    Our offer includes solutions and equipment for voice/data communication, specific monitoring and control rooms, covering the complex market requirements: monitoring traffic, weather and hydrological monitoring stations, centralizing data from measurement points (gas, energy), surveillance for and the process of production, monitoring and control of telecommunications networks, video surveillance, etc. 

  • Digital Signage

    Digital display systems (digital signage) represents displays installed in public spaces, which can be controlled using a PC, allowing remote content modification. They are used for information, promotion or for entertainment, being well known for their ability to attract public attention.

    Offers a complete package Sistec for digital display systems that includes:

    • Flexible software, the ability to select content presented
    • Hardware consisting of LCD dispay and external mini PC
    • Workmanship and configuration services

    Installations-from televisions, monitors, touch screen video wall. From information to inspiration. Industry leaders rely on digital display technology from Sistec for a wide range of applications:

    Display systems

    • Displays LCD, plasma, LED
    • Interactive kiosks
    • Interactive systems
    LCD Totems 

  • Intercommunication & Videointerfonie

    Basic elements for buildings, security intercom systems, sound and video are proposed in the main functions Sistec screening persons who have a right of access to such spaces and initial management of discharges in case of emergency. 

    With an intercom system can be controlled from a single location, remotely, all entries, so as to be easily transferred responsibilities to the other area required in hospitals, public institutions, as well as business centers, factories and warehouses.