Cogito ERP

Cogito ERP

Cogito is a modular integrated solution dedicated to all the business processes of the company. Cogito is a modular system that allows an approach to its implementation, both as a whole and on various stages.

Cogito3 is a next generation ERP, professional customizable via various platforms, with other applications according to customer requirements, specific business model and having the best business practices for each area of activity.

  • Cogito is an ERP solution dedicated to Romanian distribution companies, retail and professional services, used to control, organize and optimize the following business processes: supply, storage, delivery, sale, auction, collection, fleet management, commercial strategies and project management.

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    • Reduce operating costs
    • Improves processes for sale
    • Increase levels of order fulfilment of orders
    • Allows integration with other applications (CRM applications, virtual stores, etc.)
    • Ensure the supply flow automation
    • Enables efficient management of relationships with clients and suppliers
    • Define and manage budgets
    • Facilitates complex reporting

    • Implementation of Cogito 3 book warehouse-Distribution

      Deploying the application to the Cogito 3 Card held by applying the methodology of project feature a complex software solutions. The first step consisted in identifying the business and informational flows, as well as existing client requirements.

      On the commercial plan, one of the main demands formulated and implemented thanks to the configuration of the application was the inclusion of optional, the escorting of goods as document that generates stock movement, both in Supply and Sale.

      Another necessary functionality, implemented with success, is that it can separate articles for each client and can confirm, by scanning the barcodes of any transactions generating stock. Implementation of Cogito 3 meant for a Book store to manage, in terms of the size of the stock. Thus, you can manage the amount of a separate article in various moods: amounts in custody, quantities in inspection, damaged quantities, etc.

    • Implementation of Cogito 3 at Wylze Logistics

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    • Implementing ERP Diverta Cogito

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  • Our services team assists its effective IT solutions Sistec supporting business development, together with maximum competitiveness. In addition to the development and implementation of ERP, Cogito Sistec offers:

    • Consulting services procurement
    • Implementation consulting services
    • Post implementation consultant services
    • Training and support