DMS Solutions

DMS solutions

Even the smallest organization faced with situations where you had to search for a document in multiple places and search through dozens of folders, shelves etc.

Sistec has expertise in the implementation and configuration of type DMS solutions, with customers in all business verticals.

DMS software solution proposed by Sistec will help you:

  • will better manage all documents entering and exiting from the company
  • to establish the exact flow through company
  • search quickly a document
  • to make categories of documents
  • to follow during company documents, but also the history of all changes made

Sistec offers the right solution, adapted to your needs, on after we analyze exactly what you need!

  • Managing corporate information using DMS solutions, bringing significant improvements to existing infrastructure in order to optimize business processes-all unfolding safer, faster and more efficiently.

    Whether it’s a micro enterprise or a freelancer, a company with several hundred posts or a multinational corporation with a staff consisting of several thousand employees: ELO represents the correct solution, regardless of size.

    ELO product suite consists of:

    • ELO office for individual work stations, freelancers and small businesses
    • ELO professional for small and medium enterprises
    • ELO enterprise for companies and corporations with complex structures

    • Transparency of business processes through workflow
    • Storing documents versions
    • Quick search and seamlessly configurable
    • Archiving in accordance with legal regulations
    • Simple and safe administration of documents
    • Rapid identification of bottlenecks on the workflows

    • Implementing ELO Metropolitan Life

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    • Implementing ELO at Singel

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    • Consulting services procurement

    • Implementation consulting services

    • Post implementation consultant services

    • Training and support