• For companies wishing to rent some services and collaborative software products

    Use of portal software solutions, document management, extranet, audio and video conferencing, business intelligence, e-mail, without infrastructure and maintenance costs. Throughout the course of the lease are insured services of customisation and technical support.

  • Storage space rental information

    Large storage capacity, scalable, secure, services with high speed access to information according to different business requirements. Upon request there is the possibility of storing copies of files and databases. Archiving can be done on magnetic tape, DVD and HDD units, on the basis of audited procedures.


  • For companies that want an assurance for business continuity in the event of natural disasters

    Replicating data in real time or at predetermined intervals, in locations with low risk in the event of a disaster or human error. Enable fast and minimum downtime.

    Disaster Recovery architecture and procedures for resettlement in services are customized according to each customer. We can provide solutions from simple managed manually based media “hot standby” which ensures a quick resumption of activity.

    • Solution compliant with standards IT
    • Resiliency and security
    • Full system recovery in case of disaster
    • Proactive support and dedicated account management