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The core of any infrastructure IT is constituted by the equipment of processing and data storage. 

Our portfolio includes servers and storage equipment, wearing the world’s leaders in this domain name: Hewlett-Packard, IBM, DELL and Supermicro.

  • This group of equipment belongs to the category of “critical” in the sense in which their function without unscheduled outages continue, it is vital for the whole information system in a company.

    Storage equipment:

    • Server applications

      Server applications is that server from a network computer dedicated to running one or more software applications. Application servers are designed to allow fast processing of data, delivering rapid results processing clients accessing applications, ensuring safety and fairness in the handling of data which are processed, as well as to provide security on the integrity and confidentiality of information processed.


    • Server for data storage

      The possibilities of storing information have become a component of more importance for the competitiveness of firms, considering that the information represents the key element of differentiation between companies. Proper handling of a large volume of data is necessary to the existence of specialized hardware infrastructure which allows full control over the data, fast access and centralized information important safety and efficient means of processing. 

    • Communications Server

      Communications servers manage totally or partially internal communications, communications with the outside, respectively within the IT infrastructure. The services that are offered through this type of servers are:

      • Change of information between workstations located in the same network, i.e. the interconnection with networks in systems in exterior locations the company, providing services for messaging and e-mail
      • Interconnection with voice transmission systems (telephony) or, in some cases even taking over their role (VoIP)
      • Internet access control 
      • Locking the computer attacks

    • Storage equipment for protection of privacy of data

      Protects and blocks unauthorized access to data via the access control systems, biometric identification systems, the users accept, etc.

    • Continuity solutions

      Are those that ensure optimal solutions, in the event of the occurrence of an unanticipated event, maintaining the functional parameters you ifrastructurii IT. In the current competitive context, companies are rated after their ability to function and to provide services without interruption. The solution for operational continuity and disaster recovery, disaster has significant benefits for organizations: increases the credibility of the Organization, it creates the possibility of continuity of activities and thus provide for the conduct of the contractual commitments.

      This solutions are used the following classes of equipment:

      • Equipment necessary for safe keeping and data recovery in case of disaster:

      •  RAID storage systems
      • Backup units type magneto-optical device, optical, storage on magnetic tape units

      • Redundant Systems that provide continuity of operation from the point of view of operational data processing units in case of incidents.
      • Systems of protection against fluctuation/interruption of electricity supply equipment

      For all this, administarea and sizing are not support easy actions that belong to the IT staff only and that’s why we offer the experience and professionalism of our team of specialists in order to ensure an appropriate integration of these solutions within your company.

    Processing equipment:

    • Notebooks

      • Hewlett Packard (HP)
      • Fujitsu Siemens
      • Lenovo
      • Toshiba
      • Acer
      • Dell

    • PCs

      • Hewlett Packard (HP)
      • Fujitsu Siemens
      • Dell

  • To provide maximum efficiency, increased productivity and a rational use of hardware resources, choosing the appropriate software solutions are a decisive element. Partnerships with world leaders in their field of activity like Microsoft, Symantec offers us an extremely varied portfolio of solutions:

    • Operating systems
    • Suite of applications for office activities
    • Security and antivirus solutions

  • In the category peripherals, oats following products:

    • Printing devices: printers, plotters
    • Video devices
    • Scanning devices