Dedicated infrastructure services are made available to clients as an integrated service, offering an alternative to the traditional model of purchasing IT. Sistec ensure guaranteed performance dedicated infrastructure.

  • Renting a performing IT technologies

    Are available to virtual servers which use the infrastructure with IBM and Supermicro, preconfigured with minimal time for installation of applications, management interface and 99.9% availability.

    Rent infrastructure available, fully redundant, organic. Because every company is unique, the solution offered is custom designed around the performance requirements of your business.

    • System components are duplicated for maximum availability (99.9%) 
    • The system can be scaled at any time (you can add resources quickly, proportional cost) 
    • The data is stored in a protected environment (do not leave SISTEC datacenters in Bucharest and Cluj Napoca)

    Infrastructure built correctly. Just for you.

    SIS HOSTING service allows you the freedom to innovate and deploy secure Court, without the hassle of maintaining physical servers and network infrastructure. The result is a scalable and durable medium that respond quickly to ever-changing requirements of the business and the volume of work.

    Premium service has infrastructure, monitoring tools, technical support 24/7/365, firewalls, optimize loading and much more.

    SIS HOSTING standard, affordable servers propose remotely, delivered as a service, on a IT platform with Microsoft HyperV virtualized. Activation is made to order in a few hours from order processing, from data center in Bucharest.


    • Safety 


    • Validity 

      SLA guaranteed plus firewall and service loading optimization

    • Integrated back up 

      Disaster recovery and site recovery

    • Support

      Access to 24/7 technical team, minimum response time

    • Premium Tape 


  •     Reliable, secure colocation services with a high degree of availability

    You can host servers in Centers from SISTEC rackabile 1U up to per 42U rack benefiting from free support and 24-hour access for hosted equipment


    • Security

      Each site is monitored 24/7/365 with CCTV, card access and guard

    • Space

      Take advantage of the physical space from 1U to full Rack (42U)

    • Power

      Electrical infrastructure redundant N + 1 power inslatata able to bear loads up to 240kW

    • Uptime

      100% power uptime, network and system cooling 

    • Compliance

      Compliance with Tier 3, as well as compliance with industry regulations

    Colocation features

    • Compliance with Tier 3
    • 99.9% uptime
    • Competitive pricing through efficient
    • Multiple levels of physical security and computer science
    • Temperature controlled and monitored
    • Protection incidents and firefighting systems
    • Communication available-3 ISP
    • Suppliers of a wide range
    • Fully redundant utility supplies
    • Technical support 24/7/365
    • Client access 24/7/365
    • Power generator
    • Virtualization: VmWare, Microsoft, XEN
    • Managed colocation services
    • Optional service back-up





    Each colocation contract includes:

    • Free support for minor tasks management
    • Network monitoring and notification
    • Advanced features for monitoring and ticketing system
    • Remote control

    Basic package


  • Renting easy scalable infrastructure, for a limited period.

    Be made available using a virtual infrastructure, easily scalable, on your “pay as you go”. Accessing this service allows an optimisation of the project costs.

  • Infrastructure of virtual workstations.

    Providing a service that allows accessing secure applications, anytime, from any location connected to the Internet. User of a virtual desktop infrastructure secure access from any type of device, or terminal at the “virtual office”.

  • Let the details in our care

    Start with one of our preconfigured Desktop as a Service as basic packages for a number of small/medium/large processors, RAM and storage. There’s no need to worry about the patches or updates for their own computers!

    All packages come pre-installed with SIS VDI license Windows, antivirus and anti-malware. We can also discuss with you. to have your own needs-productivity software and tools necessary for users.

    Ideal for:

    This service is especially useful for industries that manage critical data or have to abide by strict rules. From a distance (remote), you can delete or keep track of equipment use. If a computer breaks down, you will not lose vital data.

    • Insights about users ‘ applications, data and activities
    • The increase in security, management and supervision
    • Ease of management for your own device
    • Flexible and scalable desktop environments
    • Correcting errors and simplified updates
    • Control any equipment from any web browser
    • Business continuity and disaster recovery
    • Compliance with the standards in force


    • Extended compatibility

      Access via desktop computers, phones, tablets or laptops with support for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

    • Reduced OPEX

      Simplified management through changes on an entire fleet of equipment

    • Flexible delivery

      Choose persistent or non persistent desktop pool, depending on user groups

    • Low cost of ownership

      You can reduce the Total cost of the physical equipment comparable to up to 50%.

  • For companies that do not have sufficient internal resources to manage computer systems

    Infrastructure and connectivity services, security solutions, IT consulting, administration of servers and applications with the best stroke intervention and resolution, nationwide, by certified specialists.

  • Management of equipment and applications hosted in Data Centers Sistec

    Specialized technical support 24/7/365, for any type of equipment, and application-based subscriptions.