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  • Building Management System

    The concept of Building Management Systems (BMS) includes a wide range of technologies for energy management and control systems.

    The function of these systems is to control, monitor and optimize all services from a building:

    • heating, ventilation (HVAC-Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
    • lighting
    • access control or other specific services

    Solutions Building Management Systems (BMS) that we are proposing, in order to improve your business, are mark and include specific Siemens controllers for HVAC, lighting, access control, together with the package management software.

    • Specialised services for the design, installation and administration of such systems are supported by our specialists and supervised at all times by experts on behalf of the producer.

      A BMS offers the possibility to control the centralized all electrical equipment and mechanical out of a building and sometimes even from the area adjacent to it. Among these may be listed:

      • HVAC
      • Contorizari electrical and thermal
      • General distribution switchboards and electrical panels of consumers
      • Generating sets
      • Water installations
      • Elevating system
      • Other machinery and equipment
      • Lighting, shading and sun protection
      • Security and safety systems

      The functions of such a system are:

      • Real-time monitoring of status or values of the parameters in the system 
      • Control parameters in order to obtain the required values 
      • Record the values in the database of the system at predetermined time intervals by the user and use them in the creation of periodic reports
      • Signalling of alarms in case of malfunctions in the operation of the subsystems monitored
      • Displaying system information exchanged in an intuitive management software, easy to use

      • programming and control of installations from a centralized building can be done in order to reduce maintenance costs and maximum comfort asigurararii
      • integration with billing systems (heating, power control, etc.)-allows management of costs and defalcata consumption allocation for each consumer (space from building)
      • BMS components-Delta Controls use the existence of the IT infrastructure in a specific building elements, network interconnection, Ethernet being performed both through IP Protocol, as well as through other specific protocols (BACnet)

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