Safety solutions

safety solutions

Sistec offers consulting, design, installation and maintenance of professional security systems, using the most modern equipment and technology of the world leaders in the field of: SIEMENS, etc.

  • Fire detection

    SISTEC holds certifications and authorizations required for the design, installation and maintenance of systems and installations, alarm and alerting in case of fire. Proposed systems are perfectly adapted to the spaces they serve.

    Sistec offer includes:

    • Addressable fire Central
    • Conventional fire Central
    • Smoke detectors

    • Temperature detectors
    • Flame detectors
    • Methane gas detectors

    • Carbon monoxide detectors
    • Aspirating smoke detection through the system (VESDA)
    • Smoke detection system in open spaces on the basis of images (OSID)

    • Alarm buttons

  • Public address sound panorama II

    Public address system emits an alarm tone and a prerecorded message of warning and directions that announce the State of emergency and provides immediate indications relating to organized evacuation, without panic, of a building. Messages are disseminated after the prearranged rules and priorities, only on certain areas or on all areas, ranging from the location of the State of national emergency.

    Such a system consists of:

    • Central station
    • Speakers
    • Microphone consoles

    • Dedicated microphone


  • Nurse call

    These systems are addressed to remote communication between persons with disabilities and sick, medical personnel.  These solutions are intended for both hospitals, homes for elderly care, centers for disabled persons, rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums and public institutions where there are utilities for people with disabilities.

    Nurse call systems type is based on the following equipment:

    • Servers to call medical
    • Central Group
    • Call modules

    • Terminal lounge
    • Interfaces for the guard room
    • Modules for bed

    • For terminal patients