Security solutions

security solutions

We offer practically all the systems that ensure the supervision and control of activities within a defined areas, such as:

  • Burglar detection systems-the protection against unauthorized
  • Fire detection and alarm systems-fire protection
  • Systems of closed-circuit television-monitoring activities
  • Access control systems-travel authorisation of persons
  • Video surveillance

    Video surveillance enables real-time monitoring of people and events at the perimeter level, horses and access areas.

    Sistec offers the design, configuration, installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems, for: office buildings, shops, network traffic management and urban metropolitan areas and platforms).
    Sistec solutions includes a full range of video surveillance equipment:

    • IP and analog cameras
    • Storage media-DVRs, NVRs, NAS, Servers
    • IR Illuminators
    • Housings and brackets
    • Videoservere
    • Communications infrastructure equipment, including broadband wireless transmission in
    • Systems monitoring centers, videowall-uri
    • Software for video analysis, dispatch management

  • Video analysis

    Video analysis solution includes detection and real-time alerts as well as browse video files stored. Rooms for events of interest alert are, in most cases, more effective than recourse to a human operator. Video analysis can detect a wide variety of events related to people, vehicles or static objects and generate alerts.  

  • Intrusion detection

     The location and schedule of detection and intrusion alarm shall be made according to the objective to be protected, the specifics of the activity, the program of work, to the beneficiary’s requirements and the security plan. Detection system and intrusion alarm protects from unauthorized access goal, convey messages from phone numbers preintregistrate, transmit information to other integrated systems level dispatcher. 

  • Access control and attendance panorama II

    An access control system allows a proper screening of persons who have the right to enter into certain areas. At the same time, these systems allow obtaining reports and graphs of daily or periodic presence.

    Sistec offer includes:

    • Central access control
    • Access control software (Tally room)
    • Cards readers
    • Tags, cards
    • Keyboards
    • Controllers
    • Barriers
    • Turnstiles
    • Automatic gates