• I have successfully completed one of the first stages in the development of the campus of Emerson in Cluj-Napoca, which will feature the final five industrial buildings, a center of engineering and an administration building; all developed on a plot with an area of 11 hectares.

    - Team leader, Emerson

  • Electrica SISE recommends Sistec for promptness of services, warranty and post-warranty equipment quality and professionalism of which the team of specialists give evidence .

    - Ing. A. Margin, Director Electrical SISE

  • It's a challenge for us to keep year after year its leading position in the segment of the market that we are. The launch reflects our ongoing efforts DOL to offer our clients the best products and services. We are confident that, with the relaunch, more modern DOL, attractive and effective, we will meet the requirements of increasingly demanding customers online. We expect an increase of at least 25% after implementing the new platform developed by Sistec.

    - Kumar Sahu, Administrator DivertaOnline

  • Technical University of Cluj Napoca recommends Sistec for safety works carried out and for the quality of services.

    - Prof. Dr. ing. Peter Constantine, Vice-rector, Technical University Of Cluj Napoca

  • We are one of the leading manufacturers of furniture in pale from Romania and our clients put great value on quality and timeliness of delivery. By using abas ERP application can guarantee them both. Solution make sure the internal production process transparency. Thus, for instance, the company can communicate accurately to its stages in the manufacturing process of the products ordered and when they will be delivered. Before the implementation of abas ERP this was not possible at such a scale. EOD has acquired a very useful tool, has learned to use it now and take advantage of all the benefits that abas ERP we bring into the process of production and management company.

    - M Gal, Administrator Office Romania Euro Design

  • Implementation of Cogito 3 Sistec brought us added value through: optimizing business processes, manage orders and stocks correct, automate documents, getting clear management reports, which allow a thorough analysis of the business itself. Also, Cogito 3 proved to be very flexible, adapting it to the specific requirements of our activity with ease. Since we implemented the Cogito 3 How to work as a whole has been improved through rapid access to information, thus improving response time to customer's requirements and the degree of satisfaction from our services. We recommend 3 companies with Cogito distribution activity.

    - Nona Mado, Pro Timisoara Office

  • Bechtel confidently recommend Sistec Romania. "Thank you for the professionalism of your employees for the good quality and safety of the works performed." Works made: fire alarms, implementation control access intrusion systems, voice and data.

    - Sorin Saj, Camp Bechtel Manager Romania

  • Collaboration with Sistec began with the realization of the construction company's headquarters in Cluj-Napoca in 2006, where they successfully deploying and installing infrastructure, building slabidin currents access control system, fire-alarm systems, burglar an MIS system structured cabling and network IT. Note the reteleleor and quality of equipment supplied, the professionalism they demonstrated during the execution of the work undertaken by the deadlines and quality parameters of forced draft.

    - Virgil Pop, Construction Manager Electrogrup Network

  • Our company is the largest manufacturer of porcelain from Romania and one of the largest in Europe. We managed to strengthen their position in particular us markets with tradition in the production of porcelain (Germany and Italy) by product quality and assortment. In order to meet the requirements we considered opportune implementation of abas ERP solution to ensure a sound management of data, access to real-time information and transparent processes. Our collaboration with Sistec is conducted on the basis of a methodology agreed and even if we are still at the beginning of the implementation, we believe that this project will be a success that will lead to increasing activity.

    - Baby Shane, Cfo Apulum SA