Who are we?


Sistec is an integrator system of complex IT solutions and leading supplier of IT products and services in Romania with multiplied technical certifications in IT.

We have over 20 years experience providing IT risks coverage, downtime situations of IT systems and providing IT solutions and technical support for your employees to avoid business disruptions. It’s our ability to understand and adapt to rapid growth technology and as we grow, we are able to help companies and organizations of all types and sizes grow too.

  • Who are we?

    Experience in various business areas

    Business experience, qualification and certification of Sistec team members represents services’ support for quality  at the highest level of professionalism, in the most industries from Romania.

    Projects designed to the needs of our clients

    Our challenge is to respond to the needs of our customers in business area.

    National coverage

    Headquartered in Bucharest and a regional center in Cluj, Sistec has national coverage through subsidiaries of the main cities of the country.

    Complex products-latest technology

    Sistec owns 6 business lines and a team of over 200 professionals who represent the values of the company in all the services and products we offer, we develop, we implement. These values are freedom, trust, balance, involvement, fairness, focus, fun .


  • Areas of expertise

    Areas of business 

    Our portfolio covers a wide range of technologies, which meet the diverse needs of our clients, such as: IT products and services, data center, data bases, software, service and IT infrastructure management, printing, safety and security solutions, as well as physical and electronic archiving and research and development of innovative solutions.

    Software Solutions

    We implement integrated software systems ERP/CRM/DMS in both the private sector and the public sector.
    Sistec specialists have developed their own ERP named Cogito-dedicated to retail and distribution area, based on Microsoft technologies.  For industrial companies we implement abas ERP ,a German performance solution with over 30 years experience and industrial know-how. Since 2005, Sistec is unique partner in Romania for Abas Software AG.
    In addition, we have a rich portfolio of consulting services and software development that covers all activities related to detailed analysis, design, development and implementation of projects at large and medium scale.

    Hosting and IT services 

    IT operations represent a crucial aspect in most organizations. We design and implement IT solutions that help us to improve our customers ‘ business efficiency in terms of data processing and  IT infrastructure. To keep up with the latest trends in the industry, we have invested in 3 data centers for the development of cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) with added value.

    National service

    Service and maintenance solutions for pre and post warranty, in the 27 service centers aim to reduce costs and increase time of use of the Office equipment. SISPRINT service, such as Managed Print Services (MPS) helps organizations streamline their working environment and optimize documents management.

    Infrastructure and Security solutions

    Infrastructure solutions provided by us offers total coverage on networking, data center, security and safety, communications as well as BMS, organizational support based on 27 points of national presence.

    Secure archiving and Destruction

    We offer full service for the administration of documents, data protection and confidential information destruction.


    Archiving service represents outsourcing activity of indexing and archiving of documents of your company. Using software solutions we offer type DMS and processing service invoices/forms and support for preparation of electronic registers.


    Interested in our solutions?
    Anytime, a Sistec consultant is ready to provide you detailed information. Send a message on sales@sistec.ro/+
    40 21 9633 and we’ll contact you quickly.

  • Why Sistec?

    Experience in providing IT support-19000 resolved cases in past year
    • The largest number of cases solved with success (90% of incidents resolved on the same day)
    • 1477 us over situations resolved each month
    • Over 20 years of activity of the company in delivering IT support services


    National coverage through 27 service centers and IT support-SLA 2 hours anywhere in the country
    • More than 20 specialists at the headquarters in Bucharest
    • More than 70 specialists available nationwide
    • 2 main offices and 25 local centres covering the whole country
    • 3 Date Centers (2 locations in Bucharest and one in Cluj Napoca)


    Portfolio expanded to 6 business lines


    Innovation-oriented, Research and development for innovative solutions innovative
    • Department of Research Development 
    • Development of new Cloud Services 
    • Development of software solutions for resource management

  • Mission and philosophy


    Our goal is to provide complete IT solutions for companies that will provide improved performance and competitiveness through increased efficiency and productivity of activity. The solutions proposed are based on the long experience of our specialists both in business and in IT.


    We are dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers, by providing professional solutions timely and high quality. We are constantly concerned about completing our portfolio with new solutions and improvement of existing ones, because we are aware that the maximum satisfaction of our clients and partners represent the guarantee of success and continuity of our team work.

    Our values
    • Freedom
    • Trust
    • Balance
    • Involvement
    • Fairness
    • Focus
    • Fun