Safer cities with video surveillance provided by Sistec


Security in the ever-growing cities would cease to be the sole responsibility of law enforcement. Different public organizations, private enterprises, arhitecură, planning, community groups and the general public all play a role in the maintenance of cities and animated in a safe manner.

Video surveillance enables real-time monitoring of persons and events at the level of the perimeter, paths and access areas.

Given these conditions, designing, configuring Sistec features, installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems for Office buildings, networks of shops, industrial, urban and traffic management of metropolitan areas.

Cluj and Hunedoara are cities that have a video surveillance system implemented by Sistec.

On the system interface can be seen and recorded live images from the cameras connected. Incidents give rise to real time alerts and on screen control appear automatically in the rooms that are in proximity. Searches can be performed on any subset of any period of time, along with other search parameters. Also, you can identify suspicious behavior and can capture registration number of motor vehicles.

Sistec solutions encompass a full range of video surveillance equipment:

  • Analog and IP cameras
  • Storage media-DVRs, NVRs, NAS, Servers
  • IR Illuminators
  • Housings and brackets
  • Videoservere
  • Infrastructure, including communications equipment, wireless broadband transmission
  • Monitoring systems meeting videowall-uri
  • Software for video analysis, dispatch management