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database administration


Business applications, operating with databases need a professional management, to ensure maximum benefit for the client. Through the maintenance and database administration by Sistec, employees can use the simple and efficient data they need.

  • Through this service, ensure that: Sistec

    • Upgrading and updating (patching) periodicals databases
    • Optimization in order to increase performance
    • Checking the log periodic, proactive identification and resolution of alerts instances
    • Periodic restoration to verify functionality of critical services
    • Administration of heterogeneous databases
    • Diagnostic performance of databases
    • Space management and database reorganizations
    • Status monitoring servers
    • Monitoring performance (response times)
    • Insurance data monitoring through your existing backup solutions; • Audit and assurance solutions proposal data (backup)
    • Optimizations (defragmentari, updates index statistics)
    • Monitoring and troubleshooting replication incidents, log shipping, mirroring
    • Isolation and fix errors 
    • Installation of patches or service packs
    • Performance audit servers and upgrade recommendations/reconfigurari; security auditing

    • Reduce the risk of downtime
    •  provides a real-time control over data, allowing retrieval, sorting, analyzing and summarizing data and immediate reporting of results
    •  immediate access to data and information


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