How long do you get servers at retirement?

How long do you get servers at retirement?
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What are the main elements taken into account to determine the best time to “retire” a server? Due to small budgets and sometimes because it’s hard to predict demand for the equipment IT needs, the companies expected too much to replace old hardware and pay such penalties consisting in hidden costs.

Often people since IT had heard from some of their clients that the company’s servers have more than 5 years. “We keep Them because they already have it and is most easily made” is a typical explanation in such cases, especially because it is difficult to think of all the different factors that goes into making this decision.

There’s always a time when holding a server becomes more expensive than replacing it with a new one. Finding the exact moment requires a calculation that analyzes all the capital and operational costs associated with ownership and management in the time of the server.

The basic factors that should be taken into account are:

  • Server cost
  • The cost of the hardware in the data center
  • Cluster infrastructure cost and UPS
  • The cost of network equipment
  • Cost for data center racks and physical equipment
  • OPEX for data center

Basically, the idea is that new hardware gets better, that you can do more with fewer boxes, but that doesn’t mean replacing those boxes with new ones as soon as the new ones will generate a lower cost of ownership. There is a “magic number” that the CAPEX and OPEX intersect in a way that makes it more cost-efficient upgrade, but, as in the above scenario, this is not usually the first year.

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