IT infrastructure communications

customized platform

IT infrastructure represents today the necessary foundation for any activity. The components sized and selected to meet the objectives of the organization and the actual needs, to create high levels of productivity, efficiency, security and comfort, to represent an optimal investment and ensure a minimum total cost of ownership.

  • Voice-data infrastructure

    Communications infrastructure represents the basis of any type of system for voice and data communications. Today the need to have access to information in real-time to determine many companies to realize the leading role they have, voice-data equipment in effective icebreakers. Structured cabling systems, part of the communications infrastructure, represents the totality of the technologies that define the procedure for transmission networks and physical connections in the field of weak currents.

    The network must enable fast, flexible connection, efficient and reliable of any type of equipment within the infrastructure and respond to security requirements. The result of this approach consists of a standardized, efficient economic structure, uniform and last but not least the aesthetic.

  • Data Center Infrastructure

    Sistec is able to arrange a Data Center. We offer a full range of solutions and we provide all the necessary services, from consultancy, evaluation, design and design to training, servicing and maintenance. Help in determining the strategy for designing and implementing complete data center infrastructure covering critical infrastructure components and interconnecting wiring of communications. We can review your project considerations, an existing database what best fits your needs. Sistec will help reduce risks, have precise costs still in design. 

  • Fiber optic infrastructure

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  • Voice and data communications equipment

    Known as generic active elements of network switches, routers, access points are equipment that “give life” and manages, at different levels, a LAN or WAN. Our solutions satisfy, in terms of both performance and cost requirements of networks of small and medium-sized and large.

    Voice-data communications elements are necessary for the construction of communications infrastructures tailored to the requirements of each company.  

  • Electrical Networks

    We provide:

    • Design and performance of low-voltage electrical installations, power and lighting installations, for Office space, commercial space, industrial production halls etc.
    • Installation of generating sets and switchboards installation