"Our network service is made up of 27 centers respond to customer needs from all over the country in a time of intervention adapted to their requirements, which may be an hour and up to a day, depending on the contracted service. Annually we receive approximately 16000 requests of intervention, and the fact that we're able to respond so quickly to the requests of our clients, from anywhere in the country, contributing significantly to the smooth progress of its activity, "said Marius Carpuci, Business Unit Manager Service Sistec.

"Thanks to the technical capabilities of our team of certified, covering a wide range of IT services, from diagnosis and repairs for various technological equipment to repair under warranty or post-warranty and delivery of IT projects at key strategic partnerships, we ended with many of our competitors, given the fact that they have turned to us to deliver in optimal conditions of complex IT projects at the national level" added it.

By resorting to outsourcing services offered by Sistec, rendering the same services with their own strengths, customers can achieve a cost reduction of up to 30%. In the case of services SisPrint, which refers to outsourcing of printing equipment fleets, reducing can be even greater, if you take into consideration the indirect costs, purchasing, inventory, ordering supplies or printed volumes.