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Printer management solutions



To help companies to have cost control generated by the equipment of the print, PRINT developed SIS Sistec-an efficient solution for the management of equipment intended for the production of documents. Our solution represents a modern alternative to traditional management services has its own fleet of printers (consumables, spares, repairs, revisions)-service printers.

The most important benefit obtained by a company in case of implementation of a print management system is given by the fact that along with a business partner, able to develop and implement a unified strategy with regard to the procurement and management of printing equipment and supplies.


  • The main features of a fleet management system for printing are:

    • Information management and equipment management and invoicing consolidated their use
    • Proactive maintenance fleet equipment
    • Optimization of environmental print/scan/copy the entire duration of the contract.

    The suite of services includes print management:

    • Assessment services

      Understanding the current usage of the equipment, finding hidden costs and developing a customized project for each client and fin

    • ancial services acquisitions Inc

      lude the purchase costs of equipment replacement, multi-brand and/or disposal. Issuing invoices and detailed reports on the number of pages printed per equipment.

    • Transition and implementatio

      n services Ensure suitable installation and training end users to streamline their use.

    • Management and support services to

      Maximise ROI through high uptime and optimisation, specialized fleet support at the national level and managing supplies. For a simple communication is assigned a project manager.

    • Services for document management and Automatin

      g workflows workflows, recycle paper and continuously improves the management of infrastructure.

    • Network infrastructure and asset manage

      ment technology and best practices, installation, configuration and maintenance, professional monitoring and fleet solutions.

    • Customized solutions based on software and equipment belonging to the leading manufacturers of printing equipment
    • Services tailored to any type of company
    • Technical support teams across the country
    • Visibility and control of expenditure
    • Experience in large scale projects

    • SIS PRINT solution deployment at Transilvania Bank

      Together with our client we developed a project plan meant to reduce costs and increase efficiency by delivering a consistent solutions in all bank locations. Sistec specialists have identified and analyzed existing equipment in order to determine which should be kept, deleted, moved or replaced. Thus, we have analyzed over 715 495 laser printers and multifunction machines from 500 locations resulting in as many as 80% of the Park of printing has surpassed the average life span (3 years). Management of equipment generated and reports necessary to renovate equipment owned.

      To complete this project was assigned a team of 10 experts joint-service specialists, sales people and presales from Sistec and Xerox and two project managers to coordinate the transition process with the IT Manager. Actual deployment lasted 2 months and long lasting partnership dutata help us continue optimization of printing and services.

      After implementation, our role has been transformed into one unified management of all aspects of printing including legal and ecological collection of tonnerelor used.  We provide monthly detailed reports on what caused the transparency and cost control in real time.

      Download the study in pdf format

    • SIS PRINT solution deployment at hypermarket Cora

      After the audited assessment of internal fleet printing consumables (toner, paper, etc.) and the management of technical interventions, the client’s proposed replacement Sistec an important percentage of the existing fleet with new equipment current and appropriate requirements implemented a pricing system to the number of pages printed.

      “After we conducted an audit, I managed to get a clear picture on the hardware infrastructure and to propose a viable solution to optimize them,” says Marius Carpuci, Service Manager BU Sistec

    • IT support in and for companies with national coverage
    • Maintenance and troubleshooting services-pre and post warranty: printers, copiers, faxes-inkjet, laserjet and matrix
    • service and warranty
    • Maintenance and support for other companies with presence in the country