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IT is vital to support almost any company nowadays, this is no longer a surprise to no one. The need for data centers increases continuously, and for such projects may be called, including European funds. As he proceeded and Sistec, IT integrator with seniority on the Romanian market, which has invested EUR 3.8 million in a project to achieve three Data Center investment, co-financed, two in Bucharest and one in Cluj-Napoca.

According to the data, access to Sistec solutions streamline Data Center allows working both at the individual and team level, and provides direct benefits to companies that translate into savings at the cost of up to 50%.

"Two of the main objectives of the company are related to connect with what's happening at the business level and the generation of profit. While obtaining profits can be achieved by visibility and monitoring costs as effectively as possible. Thus, access to the various Data Center solutions can optimize the work process and can provide direct benefits, which can be translated by a reduction in costs between 5 and 50 percent, "said Macdonald, CEO Sistec Capraru.

Depending on the service chosen, the companies may have benefits in the area of investment, the monthly costs with employees (through outsourcing some IT services) as well as in the fixed (by making optimum use of utilities), the efficient use of computational resources in secure access to the resources from various points of the user's presence, projects using infrastructure rented for a limited period or in the quick configuration of the infrastructure necessary to the carrying out of the projects.

To meet its customers in may 2012, Sistec began a project to achieve three Date centers, which was based on the idea of having a disaster recovery system performance through the use of technologies in the field.

Co-financed by European funds, through the sectoral operational programme "Competitiveness Economic-Competitiveness through research, development, innovation, Infrastructure Development 2.3.2 operation-research and development of enterprises", the project stands at 3.8 million euro, of which 1.8 million euro represents investment Sistec.

The project comprises three data centers, two of which are located in Bucharest and one in Cluj-Napoca, on a total area of 210 sqm. Sistec offers its custom solutions, taking into account the specifics of each company, as well as the needs of the customer, thus ensuring a better rate as efficiency technology.

"For example, companies that take into account their own hosting servers in data centers Sistec must know that they are covered by an audit which underlies the offer, negotiation and approval of a solution consonant with the needs that we have, but also periods of approved test, installation, integration of all the services necessary for the expansion of the network of national data centres Sistec , the level of SLA (Service Level Agreement) wanted a team approved and certified which can intervene 24/7, both software and hardware ", revealed Macdonald Capraru.

Also according to the latter, the solutions that make them available to Sistec customer companies are scalable, and according to the needs that arise IT integrator is able to adjust the time, on each project individually, or contractual periods.

Currently, the company has more than 50 contracts, over 200 hosting servers in responsibility and solved over 15000 support requests in the last year.

"The maximum capacity of each data center is 20-42 rack units. At present, one-third of its capacity is used, the equipment being servers, storage systems, communication and protection solutions. It is easily scalable capability through the addition of new equipment ", added the CEO Sistec.