Keeping up with technology

Keeping up with technology
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Conference “keeping up with the technology” was an event for the presentation of the solution abas-ERP best production-dedicated firms producing in the area north and West of Romania.

Sistec, provider of IT solutions and services, organized the Thursday, October 22, 2010, the second edition of the Conference “keeping up with the technology.” The event was held at the Hotel City Plaza, and among the speakers were: Tablas (GCCC SISTEC), Alina Duta (BU Manger as Romania) and Lucian Margin (as Consultant). The complexity of the specific processes and production companies need to identify in real time the correct information about the internal system of production are the main aspects highlighted by them.

The Conference aimed to help top managers to discover new methods and tools for efficient management of processes and production flows. On the occasion of this event, were presented as new ERP modules but IT solutions dedicated to the proper operation of the enterprises.

The advantages of implementing such a system include:

  • flexibility in modeling processes
  • opportunity to realize fast company-specific customizations
  • engaging the german partner in local projects
  • simplicity of use
  • availability in 28 languages
  • the period of deployment.

Following the presentation of new ERP modules as guests have found their implementation benefits. Advanced production planning aims to provide a workable plan taking into account the internal constraints, limited resources and loading machinery. It also allows for the identification of material shortages and bottlenecks due to supraincarcarii. Take quick decisions in order to resolve such solutions, continuous monitoring of production parameters for optimizing airflow and reducing waste represents extra reasons for choosing this solution.

Another abas ERP module presented during the event is the one related to the maintenance of machinery as the main advantages plan Setup and maintenance planning of these activity depending on the current index of the equipment.

We are happy to be alongside our partners, to celebrate together the achievements and to support the growth of companies. Based on proven experience as ERP implementations in the 3300-over 30 years of activity, matched by the knowhow and expertise, we will accomplish together Sistec successful projects. -Alina Duta, BU Manager as Romania. “

Further, you can view the presentations held during the event, and for any question do not hesitate to contact us.

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