Increase your time spend on site clients il your locations with digital display provided by SISTEC

Digital Signage is a form of electronic display that shows information, advertising and other messages of interest to those who enter the shops, hotels, offices and clinics, being designed to fit the needs of a large number of industries. In Romania, this type of display was developed mainly in the area of retail and corporate, but the trends are growing and in other sectors.

Installation of a digital signage network offers a wealth of benefits, the most important aspect of being a better customer experience offered opportunities in terms of promotion, and corporate communication. The high degree of personalization is the key concept of this solutions, so that the information displayed can be customized, interactive and contextualized creation.

SISTEC comes to meet the needs of corporate and portfolio already has two of the most popular banks in Romania. The solution offered by Sistec consists of one or more profesionalale displays (video wall) with built-in mini PC, providing support and maintenance and 24/7 in order to ensure proper functioning.

Given that banks make available a wide and constantly increasing products and services, communicating and educating clients is crucial. At the same time, banks have become comfortable spaces where you can easily create communities of those who want to learn more about financial packages.

Transilvania Bank and Garanti Bank are two of the pioneers of digital signage in banking from Romania, also two stories of success.