Sistec implemented processing solution debit instruments PAID at Transilvania Bank

Sistec implemented processing solution debit instruments PAID at Transilvania Bank


Bucharest, September 21, 2015: Sistec, one of the leading integrators of IT on the market in Romania, has implemented the automated processing software solution to debt instruments, PAID, within the network of establishments of Banca Transilvania, the third Bank in the banking system.

The solution was developed by the Integrator partner IT company Asseco SEE, and this has already been implemented and is operational from the beginning of June 2014 in 550 units of the Bank.

“Talks with Banca Transilvania began about two years ago, and these were completed in December 2013, with the winning tender for the provision of electronic processing solutions to debt instruments, payment orders and invoices, contracts and popririlor. To be more effective in the delivery of these solutions, we have divided the project into three phases of deployment, “said Radu Dinescu, Managing Director Next Sistec Docs.

Basically, the solution implemented by both the AET Sistec easier, and customers BT, since processing time of a document through this application is reduced by 40%. Numărut IDs processed per hour increased from 500 to 700. In addition, electronic circuit processing of documents is receiving more proofing tools, which ensures the authenticity of the information scanned.

The other two phases of the project, the electronic processing of payment orders and invoice processing, contracts and popririlor were delivered to the Bank by the end of March 2003. 2015.


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